Budget-friendly summer holiday ideas for moms

Being a mom takes a lot of time and hard work. Unless you have someone to help you with all of your duties, you are probably struggling with finding some time just for yourself. Reading a book or taking a long shower can be something so desired. However, finding the time for one of these can be really tough. Taking a little time off can sometimes be impossible for moms. But moms are those who really need to get away from the pressure of their everyday chores. Taking care of the kids involves a lot of time and of course money. If you are a mom and you want to spend your summer vacation in some nice and not so expensive place, keep reading. You can find some interesting and budget-friendly ideas for your next summer holiday.

1) Countries from Eastern Europe

Countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria are some of the cheapest destinations to visit. You can enjoy cheap food, transport and accommodation. For example, in Ukraine you are going to pay just 8 dollars per night for a room. Eastern Europe is really beautiful and it is the best way to skip the high prices of the West. You can also check out Greece. It is located in Southeastern Europe.

2) Thailand

Situated in Southeast Asia, this amazing country will surprise you with extremely beautiful tropical beaches and lots of ancient ruins. You can find really cheap guesthouses and local attraction. The average amount of money you will need per day is about 25-30 dollars.

3) Central America

This is also an amazing and rather cheap destination. You can choose from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua as they offer cheaper prices than Costa Rica and Panama. There you can explore lots of wild and beautiful forests and birds that your kid will love. You can easily find local hotels for about 10 dollars per night.

4) Malaysia

It is a Southeast Asian country. You can enjoy lots of paradise beaches and rainforests. The local food is cheap as well as travelling by plane within the country. If you are travelling with your kids, they will really enjoy spending some time in Legoland.

5) Puerto Rico

You can spend an affordable vacation in this amazing Caribbean island. The landscape is great there – mountains, waterfalls, caves and beautiful tropical rainforests. Your family will definitely enjoy the island fishing tour. Your kids will love it as it is real fun.

6) India

The cost of living in India is really low. Places like Goa offer good ways to spend your vacation on a budget. It is located along the beach so it’s a perfect destination for tourists. There is also Udaipur where you can have a meal for one in an inexpensive restaurant for less than 3 dollars. As a whole, India is a really cheap destination compared to the rest of the world.

7) Nepal

Pokhara is Nepal’s tourist capital. It is also known for being rather cheap. You can find cheap local restaurants, hotels and bars. You and your family can enjoy lots of picturesque views and attractions.

8) Cambodia

It is a great historical place where you and your whole family can enjoy lots of art, pristine nature and interesting culture. Fortunately, the prices are really affordable. For example, a meal at a restaurant will cost you less than 5 dollars.

There are so many amazing places that you and your family can visit during the summer. Most of them offer great attractions not only for adults but also for the kids. Spending some time away from your everyday chores can be rather necessary in order to feel refreshed and full with energy. Being a mom takes lots of responsibility and care. Sometimes all you need to do is think of a great way to get away and relax. You just read about 8 great places where you can have an amazing time with your family at a great price. There are many more nice places all around the world where you can spend your holiday. There is no need to stay in a very luxurious hotel. Spend your money on more exciting things like making small trips to the local ruins, or eating something that you have never tried before. All you need is an adventurous spirit. Let your kids explore the world and learn about different cultures and traditions.