6 things you have been throwing away that you can sell on eBay instead

For the time I have known there is nothing extraordinary to sell on eBay as long as it is legal. This platform can help you make money out of things that you previously thought no one would be interested in buying. Most of us have a basement full of things that we no longer use. Such items occupy space that would be utilised better. When we decide to get rid of them it becomes more expensive due to high rubbish removal prices.

Here is the good news; most of the things that you pay to get rid of can be sold on eBay. You have probably come across a story of a person who made thousands from antiques or soccer kits signed by their favourite players. You can be one of the people telling the story. Below are some of the items that will fetch you money on eBay.

Outdated computer software

We all have a bunch of old software stuffed in our drawers. Simply take a picture of the drive and put it alongside its description and wait. Microsoft software or computer can fetch you more than $50. If the software is unique, enough you might be lying on a fortune.

Vintage toys

Kids love toys and try to hold on them for long. If you look around your room, you will find that toy or a Ted that you no longer notice. It is time to move on only that this time you don’t have to toss it out. Cabbage Patch dolls go for hundreds of dollars with car toys selling up to $1000.

Comic and magazines

Back in the 90’s comic books flocked the market. Movies have been based on these comics, and a lot of people would love to see the origin of the idea. Such books can fetch a lot of money with a single copy selling for as much as $300. TV guides, Times magazines and old issues on sports fall under this category.


Old is gold. The cliché can be well demonstrated well with old books. The first edition of the famous book is hard to come by, and people would pay a lot of cash just to lay hands on them. Books have history and are unique just like paints. Some are controversial, and that makes go for higher prices. If you are not sure about how much the book can sell, check the estimated price on credible online resources.

Stereo equipment

Japan made stereos are highly valued. Boom boxes prices are escalating the same case with Walkman. Generally, any vintage electronic come as a symbol of class due to their scarcity.

Empty makeup containers

I know it sounds weird, but these containers sell $5 to $f40, depending on the cost of shipping. Know the brand that sells on eBay as it is opportunities to get you purchase money back.

There is the list. Get money, no rubbish removal prices and at the same time help to reduce environmental pollution.