5 amazing baby shower games

Expecting a baby is an amazing period in every woman’s life. There should be a special baby shower party for every mom-to-be. If you want to make your party a lot more interesting and funny, here you can find 5 of the most amazing baby shower games.

1) Guess the baby

It is a great way to involve all of your guests in a game. Instruct everyone to bring their most favourite photo as a baby. You can use a projector to show them on the wall or a screen and ask your guest which one is the baby photo of the mom-to-be.

2) Do not say the word “baby”!

This is also a fun game to play. Give each of your guests a diaper pin or some clothespins. Then tell them the new rule: Do not say the word “baby”! When some of the guests break the rule they have to give their pin to the person they are talking to. At the end of the party, the person with the most pins wins a prize.

3) A special drink

Fill baby bottles with some juice or other drink. Choose some of your guests and give them the bottles. Whoever drinks faster his or her juice, wins.

4) Guess what’s in the bag

This is a game for the Mom-to-be. Choose some great baby items and put them in a bag. She has to close her eyes and start guessing what’s inside.

5) Diaper the baby

You can divide some of your guest into two teams. Their task is to grab toilet paper and wrap some of them all over. The team that finishes first, wins. This game will definitely make everyone laugh as it is one of the funniest.